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Hi! I am Tony Parinello!

Tony ParinelloIn 1995 I started a sales revolution with my original work and first best-selling book; Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer. Today I am proud to say that I’ve personally trained over 2,000,000 salespeople and the majority of the Fortune 1000 to use my unique appointment-getting methods to present their ideas to CEOs, presidents, owners and other difficult to reach top decision makers – individuals who hold the ultimate veto power over all decisions made within their enterprise.

My sales career started in 1978 and continues to this day. I am no ‘arm-chair’ salesperson or sideline sales trainer … I am still in the game! I still make sales calls just like every other salesperson, but with one small difference. I make my sales calls on VITO – the top-dog, big cheese, head kahuna. I make my calls to the one person in the organization who never has to ask anyone for permission or budgetary approval. I sell to the person who gets whatever they want – and I know exactly what it takes for he or she to want what I’m selling.

I didn’t always do this. Back in the day, when I started my career I found a great deal of business at lower levels within organizations in my sales territory. Then after three consecutive years of above quota sales performance I found myself in a very unfortunate situation – I was at 19% of quota and the year was half over. My manager put me on probation and told me I had to hit my numbers or find another place to work. After the initial panic and attempts to blame things beyond my control (territory too small, economy in the tank, price-points too high, product mix not right…blah, blah), I took stock of the situation. I realized that if I was going to keep my job I had to make some fundamental changes in the way I was selling, and I had to make them very, very quickly. I had to change whom I was selling to. I had to shorten my sales cycle. I had to boost the size of each sale I made and I had to do it right away! I closed that sales year at 103% of quota. Yep…in less than six months, I brought in 84% of my quota. I didn’t change the way I sold because I wanted to, I did it because I had to. I did it by selling to VITO – and you can do it too.

I am not suggesting that you’re not making your quota (although, according to the on-going stats 65% of all salespeople in the USA are behind quota!), or that you should fall behind on quota to push yourself to hit higher numbers. What I am suggesting is that you stop settling for just hitting quota and start taking total responsibility for your own over-quota sales performance. Take this opportunity to push yourself by setting “stretch-goals” that will catapult your sales and personal income to the highest possible level in this sales year. The methods you’ll find in this book have a proven track record of doing just that.

There’s More!

You probably noticed that this book is a collaborative creation between me and my good friend and business partner David Mattson, the CEO of Sandler Training. Why, after creating seven wildly successful books on VITO selling, would I want to co-author a book? Because as the title suggests … this book will teach you how to apply Sandler’s bullet-proof sales process to closing deals with VITO. The result is a highly effective sales approach that combines the best of the Sandler and VITO selling techniques. I can tell you this; if you apply what you read, do the exercises, download the e-lessons, make an investment and show-up for the live Internet Q&A broadcasts hosted by David and I, you will have something that we guarantee will take your sales and your personal income to the next level. And that’s what we both want.

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