David Mattson

CEO, Sandler Systems, Inc.

David MattsonCEO, partner and trainer at Sandler Systems, Inc. (SSI), Mattson is at the helm of the worldwide business training and consulting organization rated number one by Entrepreneur Magazine for 12 years running. The majority of companies in the Fortune 1000 as well as thousands of small-to-medium sized businesses choose Sandler Training for sales, leadership, management and a wealth of other skill-building programs.

The Sandler philosophy is that training must be more than delivered, it must be reinforced and made relevant for the business person facing specific opportunities and challenges. For over 30 years, Sandler Systems has provided best-in-class business learning programs, implementation, individualized coaching and mentoring. A powerhouse of resources, the Sandler training library includes 500 hours of sales training material, and over 450 hours of management training material.

Leveraging his 20 years of experience with SSI, Mattson makes time to remain active as a trainer, speaker and consultant. He specializes in management, sales, interpersonal communication, team building and strategic planning. His engaging presentation style, dynamic approach to problem solving and real world expertise is sought by some of the largest companies in the world. His clients include The Coca-Cola Company, Bank of America, Zeiss Optical, Texas Instruments, Minolta Business Solutions, Gap Gemini, Gemini Consulting, Sovereign Bank, Essilor of America, Comsys and Daimler Chrysler.

A key role for Mattson is advancing the SSI legacy of innovative and effective sales and management. He is in continual development of fresh, new programs. For example, he has been directly involved in the creation of Strategic Sales Management, President’s Club, QuickStart and Pro Summit programs, used by thousands of business people from all over the world.

Mattson weighs in with the Sandler Training wisdom as co-author of Five Minutes with VITO, How to Make the Most of Your Time with the Very Important Top Officer. In this revolutionary new book, Mattson integrates the solid foundation of the Sandler Training methods with his co-author Anthony Parinello’s equally significant VITO Selling strategies. For the very first time these two major approaches – Sandler Training and VITO Selling – have come together in a powerful, actionable and enjoyable business book.

Mattson is also the author of the Sandler bestseller “Magical People Skills,” and has written numerous articles for industry publications and the Wall St. Journal.

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